We use design to increase your brand exposure... to impute your company's passion in what it does... to impact organizational change... to speed up; growth... to let the world know exactly how good you are... to innovate... to develop your brand value... to increase your bottom line...

When a CEO of a 1cr+ company or a startup walks into our studio through the hustles of George Town and the breeze of The Bay of Bengal; they have a question in their mind, how do we get this done best?

The way we think is derived from the best we put in & the determination to bring out the best. We use design thinking to challenge accepted thoughts which can help you achieve your goals faster with better than desired results.

There is no easy way to say 'a few words' about us. It could be a little bit about people and much more about how we think. What we've done so far might give you a better explanation or would you drop a visit for a cup of chai?

Oct 2010: Sorry
May 2010: Sorry Again
June 2011: Stacks
November 2011: Colorful Nights v1