This is Zahab - Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Brand Identity Desgin, Social & Environmental Design

Seldom asked questions: we are kidding, people ask them all the time...

What is Zahab?

Zahab is a design & development studio. We design/create experiences, products, platforms, and content that help brands build meaningful relationships with consumers.

What are those three dots following the name? Is that a part of the logo? How can an icon be after the name? This is complex. Why are you doing this to me?

Relax! Let's clarify your doubts:

  1. Those three dots are an ellipsis.
  2. Design in all its power is infinite. That does not promote the inappropriate ubiquitous usage of Comic Sans. Everything we do, we DO. It is repetetively DO and never DONE. An ellipsis is, what we intrepet as, 'a symbol of continuity'. In the work we do, we work hard in putting an ellipsis so as to challenge the status quo...
  3. Why can't icon appear after a name in the logo. Communication & Legibility should lay precedence over Beauty & Conformity to text book rules.
  4. In Simplicity lies Complexity. Quoting Vincent Connare about his font/creation 'Comic Sans', "If you love it, you don'tknow much about Typography. If you hate it, you really don't know much about Typography either". Try figuring that out.

Its URGENT? The Geese ain't cackling! Save ROME!

Apologies again for the site not being there for you. But worry NOT. We have a portfolio which is as amazing as the
cackling of the geese. So just mail us or call or .
OK? Don't panic.